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"Egoshooter () is probably the most radical of the 'Radikal digital' series," said director Oliver Schwabe, who teamed up with fellow Academy of Media Arts​. Georg von Manikowsky is an actor, known for Straight Shooter (), Die Fallers - Eine Die Fallers - Eine Schwarzwaldfamilie (TV Series). Straight Shooter Editorial Department. () Wir sind die Welle (TV Series) (6 episodes) Mord in bester Gesellschaft (TV Series) (1 episode). Straight Shooter Sound Department. (). Die Bluthochzeit Der Bozen Krimi (TV Series) (production sound mixer - 1 episode). - Zündstoff (). He is an actor, known for A House of Animals (), Straight Shooter () and What a Man (). Babylon Berlin (TV Series) Hundejustav.

Shooter Serie Imdb

Straight Shooter Production Manager. (). Show all Hide all | Polizeiruf (TV Series) (line producer - 1 episode). - Der Ort von dem die Wolken. "Egoshooter () is probably the most radical of the 'Radikal digital' series," said director Oliver Schwabe, who teamed up with fellow Academy of Media Arts​. Tobias Schmidt is known for his work on Lexx (), Straight Shooter () and Die Spezialisten - Im Namen der Opfer (TV Series) (6 episodes​). Shooter Serie Imdb

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The sniper scene that shocked fans! - Bodyguard - BBC Alternate Versions. Share this page:. Genres: Drama. User Reviews. Karo Max Timm Steadicam operator. Spanischer Rapper Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Https:// Berger Https:// This. The direction doesn't compare. Wolf Hunter 1 1 episode, Izabella Miko Add episode. Conspiracies always foretell cheap writing, cheaper script writers and just plain dumbness. I was going to bail link recorded the series on Not Mr Peabody And Sherman Ganzer Film Deutsch think and episode 3 hit the target! Martin Jacobs 1 episode, Mehdi Merali

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Official Sites. Alternate Versions. Want to watch. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Russian Mobster uncredited 1 episode, Roman Mitichyan I was disappointed that Mark Wahlberg failed in bringing the movie of to a series. Federale 1 episode, Gabina 2 episodes, Look-Alike Recruit 1 episode, Click at this page County One Stream Starflight 1 episode, Atlas has a new game plan. Paparzzi uncredited 1 episode, Aurelio De Anda Share this page:. Gun Vendor uncredited 1 episode, Show all 6 episodes. User Ratings. The Goldfish Rtl Online Directors: Christian BeckerOliver Schwabe. Formel 1 Freies Training Tv Rapper Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Nicolas Berger How Much Article source You Seen? Clear your history. Alternate Versions. What possible consequences this experiment may have in his life and his attitudes? Schimanski TV Series handsfree transporter operator - 1 episode, steadicam operator - 1 episode, - Schuld und Sühne But he has never played link real big part although a brilliant and actor. A dramatic retelling of the life of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, one of the most fascinating monarchs of modern times. Jakob is stuck in the transition between his teenage years and adulthood, still uncertain about to do with his life, constantly hanging around with his friends and some girls, partying hard but not feeling quite alright. External Reviews. Sign In. Years later he is sent to London during the Cold war to work for the KGB, where he questions his life. Camera and Electrical Department Miscellaneous Crew. Shooter Serie Imdb Tobias Schmidt is known for his work on Lexx (), Straight Shooter () and Die Spezialisten - Im Namen der Opfer (TV Series) (6 episodes​). Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (), Schlafes Bruder () and Straight Shooter (). Tatort (TV Series) (production manager - 5 episodes). He is an actor, known for Straight Shooter (), Katrin ist die Beste () and Tatort (). Tom Tom. Lisa Falk - Eine Frau für alle Fälle (TV Series). Straight Shooter Composer. (). Show all Hide all | Sankt Maik (​TV Series) (20 episodes) Fluss des Lebens (TV Series) (1 episode). Horst Mann, Camera Department: Straight Shooter. Wir sind die Welle (​TV Series) (gaffer - 6 episodes). - It's the Only Way () (gaffer). - The 99%!.

This went off the cliff in season 2. Not interesting, not believable and just plain boring. Don't waste your time when it starts reruns in a couple of years because it hit the cliff entirely too soon.

A series pilot today is everything. It has to hit. That is the new reality in TV. There are just too many options. That said, hang in there.

The pilot was not Mr Robot. That was one of the best pilots ever. I was going to bail but recorded the series on DVR and episode 3 hit the target!

That was good TV. I want to see a loner trying to evade getting caught. I was critical of trying to recreate the movie and how this would be done.

I did not like the female FBI agent casting at first. It was political black female , but the actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson pulled it off.

Her acting skill changed my mind. The little girl is excellent as well. Casting is everything.

New face, but in TV that face needs to convince the audience immediately they are who they are.

All to say when his scenes take place, I disconnect just a bit. Same with Ryan Phillippe. I wasn't sold on him, but he plays the role as needed.

This is old news today. Stallone perfected this in Rambo. It is Time to re-think this role. I hope this series remains highly intelligent.

There is no excuse for stupid. It all comes down to production and storytelling. Timing and pace. Music that connects.

For myself, I like specific scenes. I loved the mini-mart scene is Ep 3 and how it was performed. Producers should ask the audience what scenes they rewound their DVR's at--that scene you had to see over again.

Again, no excuses today for not doing your homework! All you have to do is recreate the greatest scenes from similar genres.

Make them your own, but find those "gold" moments and give them to us. This seems to be promising. A little of "the contractor, with Wesley Snipes", a bit of "murder at ", and other similar movies have been set on the stage, but nevertheless this is now a series, a TV show and it can go into a interesting direction.

Although it is hard to say after the first plot, how it really will end up. Anyhow, I will wait for the next show and see if it is worthy my higher scores.

One at last, there are a view top shows out there, meaning top writing, acting, scenery, music, etc. We will see.

Cameow 16 July I am a 50 year old woman with no military experience or gun knowledge. I started watching the first season on Netflix this weekend so I could be ready for the opening of the second season July I really liked the first three episodes, even though they were nothing like the movie, but by the 4th episode, it started getting really ridiculous.

In real life, his wife and everyone associated with him would be watched by all the government agencies for years.

His wife and Memphis are no longer watched after the 3rd episode, he goes to the library, to gun shows, to convenience stores he even meets his wife in the bathroom at one he sneaks to see his wife and has sex one night, he meets his wife and daughter for a family picnic and spends the afternoon together, nobody is ever following him, his wife or Memphis.

By episode 10, there is no hiding, he is out in public with nobody paying any attention to him. This guy was supposed to have tried to assassinate the President of the United States!

Everyone would recognize him. It's really sad that this turns into such a joke. But, I suppose my expectations were a little high.

After all, how can you take a 2 hour movie and make 10 episodes each an hour long and never solve the show?

Good thing I didn't have anything better to do on a hot, rainy, miserable weekend. And no, I won't be tuning in for 10 more hours of the second season.

I am not happy to end up writing such a negative review, but I am so disappointed with how this is going that I have to warn those who haven't looked at this series yet.

Suspending disbelief is one thing, but this is just one increasingly silly plot twist after another and it became unintelligible not long in.

Yes, you can enjoy a powerful atmosphere and some great action, but don't bother if you expect anything significant to hang together because it won't.

The film version had a dip and then an excellent finish, but this is a slow death of interest with no real hope - at least for me. There are many reasons now, but I think my main example of incredulity with the plot would be Johnson in the recruitment event.

Why on earth would someone do what he did, when the main object of the "test" he was set was to allow himself to be murdered by not just one killer - something he spent a lot of time and effort trying to arrange?

Then Swagger had to more or less justify saving him from the fate I wish he'd suffered -complete waste of an effective actor. Sets and action were sometimes combined with some great character acting, but the plot was just dire and there was a often really good Plot and there was a tendency to allow some actors to ham it up beyond reason I hope I've answered explained why I've turned from real excitement to barely being able to watch it.

Not the first of the modern thrillers to start really well and then move me from disinterest to annoyance - The Blacklist is doing it with an even more spectacular fall in my view and NCIS Los Angeles, etc got in there very early.

Why can't we just have strong stories and action without silly and illogical plotting and characters. Such a waste of potential.

This series was obviously written by people with precisely zero knowledge or experience with firearms, shooting, ballistics, etc.

In the pilot episode we're introduced to Bob Lee Swagger, a wildlife conversationalist and Collectivist. He's supposed to be out hunting and killing dinner for his family.

Instead, he's shooting illegal traps and tranquilizing wolves because he just cares He soon comes across the poachers who set the traps and accuses one of being a dentist, which is obviously in reference to the dentist who killed Cecil the lion, which was a hugely popular Collectivist cause for about a week.

He also wrongly claims that a. Later, he looks at an image of a gunshot victim with a head wound and guesses, "that doesn't look like a.

Was it the fact that he still has a HEAD that gave it away?!? Also, professional snipers don't shoot for the head when they can just as easily target center mass.

Not long after, Bob Lee Swagger returns to his home. Is it a sparsely decorated, isolated cabin in the woods of Montana or Wyoming, suited to an outdoorsman living a Spartan lifestyle, you may ask?

Why, no! It's a lakeside suite featured in Better Homes and Gardens of Washington, with all of his dangerous guns kept safely out of reach in the boat house.

And this is all in the first few minutes of the pilot. Believe me, it gets worse. Those responsible for this insult also made a couple of changes to characters from the movie.

Also, Swagger's ill-fated spotter, Donny, was apparently just a little too white and Southern in the movie, so, he's black now.

It could've been a really great show if the people involved were less concerned with an agenda and more concerned with character and story.

I don't figure this to be read by show watchers, but hope Mr. Hunter and the show management does. I lasted about 3 sentences until the hero self-righteously proclaims the.

Who reviewed this? They should be fired. There is not a single sniper anywhere in the world who would find such a statement anything but ridiculous.

This is not really a review since i turned it off in disgust after watching 30 minutes of the 1st episode. I have read all the books and they are class material just begging to be made into movies.

The Mark Wahlberg movie was decent but not remarkable, probably because of the limited time they had to unfold the plot, so I was looking forward to the series adaption which could really get all the plot right.

What a disappointment though. It's the classic "the book ain't good enough, we can certainly do better", syndrome.

So why not write an original story instead of just borrowing character names? Living in a cabin Deep in the Woods with his dog?

We can't have that. Lets give him a nice house and a Hallmark Family. Indeed let's forget all about the stupid book and do our own thing.

Well Lord have mercy!! Can't believe Steven Hunter approved this. I was disappointed that Mark Wahlberg failed in bringing the movie of to a series.

The movie, by comparison, came off as real. The series I watched series 1 - won't continue seems to endeavour to change the slant the movie so excellently brought forth - that if people with power aren't kept in check they tend to become corrupt.

We had a dirty Colonel Johnson Danny Glover and and even dirtier Meachum Ned Beatty who's performances completely overshadow the plastic performances of those in the series.

Mark Wahlberg was excellent as Bob Lee. Ryan feels almost like a model - soft and uncertain trying his best to be macho. The series does it's best to pretend that all the baddies are actually understandably the way they are - building the subtext that "anyone can become a crazy killer, even the placid housewife next door".

The movie however, had clear cut baddies. Maybe the series is trying to squirt whipped cream over the damage the movie did to the image of those in government.

Religion was also absent in the movie. Very cheesily done. The writing doesn't compare. The direction doesn't compare.

The actors as well as their characters are not believable. Shooter was a great movie. The series is the opposite.

WallFlower63 23 November If you liked the original "Shooter" starring Mark Wahlberg, chances are you'll be more than disappointed in the TV series.

Ryan is a fantastic actor but isn't even a remote fit for this role. They also try to pander to all demographics by expanding the story and eventually losing the core viewers.

Could have really been a fantastic show, but Hollywood missed a golden opportunity. Surprisingly "Lethal Weapon" managed to capture the essence of the original Movies, sadly "Shooter" failed.

Main character is world class sniper. And says ". Explain that to soldiers who used that caliber in war for decades.

But the mil variety is different from civilian ammo. You probably don't want to mix them for your shooting pleasure. Any bullet?

Bullet velocity at any range? Is there any evidence for a bullet killing by hydro-static shock? Has there ever been a bullet that simply made a tunnel through a body without tumbling or fragmenting and splintering?

Hasn't anyone survived a body shot? Or limb shot longer that 15 minutes? Or fragmented wound? As an extreme case, I think Roy Benavidez survived all of that and more, in the same engagement.

So I nit-picked from then on. I so wanted this show to work. But sprinkling data valid and invalid does not go with the experience and skill of a world class sniper.

I loved the books not all though , and the character, and the movie. But this series needs or needed a better tech adviser.

Probably a former sniper or instructor. For a show titled "Shooter," these actors and producers sure make them selves look pretty clueless when handling firearms.

Which is a shame because I loved the movie and I would expect Mark Wahlberg to do a better job as the producer.

Swagger takes a wrench to an expensive firearm, the two corrupt secret service agents look like retards shooting their pistols at the range, and Swagger's high-powered rifle not sure the caliber has literally no recoil.

Couldn't get through the first episode. An error has occured. Please try again. Series i've seen. Action Series.

Isaac juggles his double life as he tries to find Bob Lee. S1, Ep4. In a flashback to their time serving in Afghanistan, Bob Lee and Isaac clash with opposing ideologies.

Nadine investigates the Ukrainian connection, putting herself on the conspirators' radar. S1, Ep5. Bob Lee finds the bullet from the assassination, leading him to a radical militia group and a reckoning with Isaac while Nadine is locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Payne.

S1, Ep6. Bob Lee tracks down his former instructor Rathford O'Brien to help him find the shooter. Nadine interrogates Payne and a reporter approaches Julie with a deal.

S1, Ep7. Bob Lee crosses the country to find the shooter while Julie deals with a family betrayal. Nadine contacts a Ukrainian reporter who can explain the conspiracy.

Isaac questions his allegiance. S1, Ep8. Bob Lee and Nadine weave a plan to secure the evidence that could expose the conspiracy. Meanwhile, Isaac gropes for an exit strategy, Payne tries to flee, and Julie and Mary face grave danger.

S1, Ep9. Bob Lee must broker a dangerous exchange in order to save his family. Isaac strikes a tenuous deal for his freedom.

S1, Ep

Shooter Serie Imdb Video

The sniper scene that shocked fans! - Bodyguard - BBC

Shooter Serie Imdb

Karo Max Timm Subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotifyand wherever you get your podcasts! In circa 70 minutes Egoshooter gives an insight to Jakob's life that led continue reading dose off. User Ratings. Clear your history. Crazy Credits. Watch the really. Ncis La Stream what. External Sites. Drama Romance.

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